Addiction Recovery in Oregon

Addiction Recovery in Oregon

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Because addiction affects the mind, body and spirit, recovery is much more than just stopping the abuse of and/or dependence on a substance or activity.

Addiction Recovery in Oregon is abundant, and there are a host of resources available to addiction sufferers and their families. Recovery is a process that will begin with identifying and eliminating the underlying causes of emotional discomfort that cause the condition to continue to worsen over time. Treatment centers and recovery programs are designed to implement this process and can successfully help many people in a safe and protected environment. Because addiction affects all areas of our lives, most programs provide individual, group and family support.

Since addiction is a chronic disease, it is never totally cured. All addictions are as unique as the individual and what works for one person may not work for another. Regardless of the type of treatment or program that helps get a person sober, an on-going program of recovery is essential to long term abstinence for most individuals. This is where an extended continuum of care plan is particularly vital to the process. Treatment is an excellent place to begin the process, as it deals very well with the acute factors of early recovery, such as detox, primary stabilization, therapeutic tools to begin addressing the underlying causes and conditions, restoration to physical health, and much more. However, and thankfully so, one does not stay in treatment for life, therefore a solid plan for success after treatment is necessary. A good continuum of care is tailored to each individual, however there are a few elements common to most, such as supported sober living, continued clinical care on an outpatient or individual basis, a system of accountability and last but not least, immersion in the daily disciplines of an altruistic 12 step recovery program.

More important than any other factor, the success of addiction recovery depends on the addict’s willingness and desire to change AND the removal of enabling from the life of the addict by their family and supporters. Many addicts attribute their ability to stay sober to the spiritual awakening they experienced as a result of working the 12 Steps.  12 Step Programs, originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, have helped millions of people get and stay sober. Addiction recovery in Oregon is not only possible, it’s doable, regardless of individual circumstances. If you are seeking help with recovery for yourself or a family member, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.